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Water Line Repair and Sewer Line Repair Edmonton

Water Line and Sewer Line Servicing

An extensive network of pipes supplies your house with water. Another intricate system of drains removes the sewage. A clog or block in the pipes or drain is definitely cause for concern!

Water and sewer line repair or replacement of the pipes that run from your property line into the home are the responsibility of the home owner. Streamline plumbing helps you attain relief from this responsibility by providing 24/7 services, including expert advice and counselling before we start a job.

Blockage and damage to pipes happens due to the following reasons:

  • Buildup of grit and residue, especially in hard water.
  • Deposition of grease or sludge in the pipes.
  • Infiltration of the sewer line by roots.
  • Foreign objects not meant to be in a sewer line, like toys, clothing, garbage bags, etc.
  • Corroded or collapsed sewer pipes

Leaking of a water line in the vicinity of electrical installations can lead to dangerous consequences.

Repairing the damage in the sewer drain line can involve a lot of labour and is normally an expensive process. In some instances it requires the digging up of your yard. Where possible, Streamline Plumbing uses the latest technology and techniques to solve the problem without having to destroy your lawn or cut down the trees in your garden.

We deal with all types of sewer lines, new and old, such as cast iron, ABS, PVC and copper. For your domestic water supply system, we work on all types of water pipes such as copper, PVC, PEX and wirsbo.

For nearly 20 years, Streamline Plumbing has installed and repaired thousands of meters of sewer and water lines around the Edmonton and metropolitan area. No matter what plumbing systems in your home require attention, leave it to Streamline's professional plumbers to ensure your plumbing lines are fixed properly.

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Did You Know? We are a full mechanical service provider for the entire Edmonton metropolitan area. 

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